i2ES 6700 (formerly AIS 0221)

i2ES 6700 is a semi-automatic line for insertion and wave soldering (Lead Free) of SIL contacts on ceramic substrates / PCB.

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Loading the substrates is a manual operation performed by the operator.

The operator deposits the substrate on the support in the insertion drawer and presses the start pedal (or dual control). The two-step insertion cycle allows for fine alignment of the pad / clip position. When this function is enabled, the substrate is brought close to the Lead Frame without inserting it (1 mm from the clip) to allow manual optical alignment of the contacts through an eccentric lever. Then, once the alignment is confirmed, the insertion cycle is completed and the substrate is moved out of the insertion zone. All subsequent operations are automatic.

It is possible to remove any pin in any position, through electronic programming of the contact cutting, for all the lead frame references handled by the machine.

After the insertion of a module, the operator can continue to insert others until a strip is completed that will be cut and transferred to the soldering section to carry out the subsequent processing.

An anthropomorphic robot picks up the strip and manages it in the various units for the flushing, pre-heating, soldering, maintenance band cutting and unloading operations. The Robot gripper is easily replaceable and will need cleaning at each shift change (8 hours).

A precise dispensing of flux is obtained by dabbing the strip with a sponge covered with lint free fabric. The sponge is constantly soaked in fresh flux, thanks to its re-circulation in a circuit with a peristaltic pump. The tank has a density indicator so as to allow the operator to check and correct it if necessary.

The soldering takes place by immersion of the strip in a bath of molten solder where a wave has been created. Maximum strip length = 254 mm. (10.0 "). The soldering unit also has a squeegee to clean the wave from oxidized tin residues and flux.

In the event of a machine error, the circuits will not soak in the molten alloy for longer than the programmed time.

The contact length cutting unit handles a 254 mm (10.0 ") strip. Cutting can be excluded.

The Robot unloads the complete modules in an inclined tray that conveys the pieces in a box to be provided by the customer. The operator must prevent the tilted tray from becoming full, as no error message is given at this point.

The whole machine, except the insertion unit, is included in an aluminum and plexiglass structure (optionally conductive) with a closed roof where the flanges for connecting the suction pipes of the customer's central system are placed.

Product Specifications

Ceramic substrates with components on 1 / 2 sides. Minimum free area on substrate right/left edge >=1,5 mm. (0.6").
Max. substrate dimension LxW: 101,6 mm x 50,8 mm (4.0" x 2.0").
Substrate thickness 0,635 mm and 1,0 mm. (0.25" and 0.40").
Strip LEngth <= 254 mm (10.0").

Standard LF pitches (1,27mm/0.050" - 1,905mm/0.075" - 2,54mm/0.100").

Lega saldante: 62Sn 36Pb 2Ag. L'unità di saldatura è progettata per leghe senza piombo, tipo 96Sn4Ag / T100 e, in generale, con punti di fusione a 225°C. Max temperatura crogiolo: 280°C. Unità di saldatura costruita in acciaio V4A (AISI 316L).


  • Contact reel support

  • Lead frame tension device

  • Upper tie-bar removal device (OPTION)

  • Clip opening calibration device (OPTION)

  • Unwanted lead removal programmable device

  • Manual loading of customer product (Substrate / PCB)

  • Foot pedal or dual command cycle start

  • Unità Inserzione con regolazione fine allineamento pad-clip

  • Insertion unit with fine adjust of pin/pad alignment

  • Pitch: 2,54 mm (0.100"), 1,905 (0.075") and 1,27 mm (0.050") standard

  • LF transport: stepping motor with absolute encoder to allow precise positioning

  • Strip cutting device: completely programmable, from continuous leadframe to cut at every cycle.

  • Program memory: 16GB USB Key store capability (internal), unlimited configurations through Ethernet link to company servers (external)

  • Flux Unit

  • Pre-Heating Unit (120°-130°C)

  • Wave soldering Unit

  • Cutting Unit (tie-bar removal)

  • Unloading on sloped tray

  • Separate rejects tray


The machine takes about 20 to 25 seconds for flushing / soldering operations (150-180 strips / h) with 62Sn 36Pb 2Ag alloy, also depending on the substrate size, component mass, specified alloy, flux type. Cutting at the end of the process, when enabled, takes another 3-5 seconds. The line can have a productivity> = 500 substrates / hour with standard circuits of 49 x 20 mm (1.9 "x 0.8") (5 circuits / strip each cycle). All data relating to productivity are subject to customer product characteristics, type of solder, flux.


  • 380V 50 Hz 3Phase - 9500 Watt.

  • Air: clean filtered and dry air at 6 Bar (87 PSI).

Dimensions: 3100 mm x 1100 mm x 1710 mm (LxWxT)

Weight: 350 Kg