i2ES 2540

i2ES 2540 is a semi-automatic dual in line package lead attach machine that inserts leads onto ceramic substrates or PCB on both sides at the same time. Operator drops PCB/substrate onto nest support and pushes the foot-pedal to start the cycle. All subsequent functions are carried out automatically.


The machine is very simple to use and operator has a minimum of mechanical adjustments. The man/machine interface software essentially does it all. Operator console has a 7 inch touch color graphic display and Ethernet link to allow (with included software) remote supervision and servicing of machine.

All production parameters (substrate length, unwanted lead cut configuration, insertion depth, pitch, etc.) may be changed at the console or from remote (network) PC. All information may be stored in internal memory (16GB USB key) as well as on company servers.


  • Contact reel supports

  • Paper rewinding system (OPTION)

  • Lead frame tension devices

  • Upper tie-bar removal devices (OPTION)

  • Clip opening calibration devices (OPTION)

  • Unwanted lead removal programmable devices

  • Insertion nests: stepping motor (with encoder) actuated drawers with adjustable cursors accommodating various substrates or PCB 10,16 to 114,3 mm long (0.4" to 4.5"). According to required substrate width, the following range of standard holders is available:

a. for width 0.5" to 0.7"b. for width 0.7" to 1.0"c. for width 1.0" to 2.0"d. for width 2.0" to 3.0"

Components height: top 8 mm (0.315"), bottom 5 mm (0.200"). Components minimum distance from edge: 1,5 mm on both sides. For different dimensions or substrates layouts dedicated supports can be designed.

  • Pitch: 2,54 mm (0.100") and 1,27 mm (0.050") standard

  • LF transport: stepping motor with absolute encoder to allow precise positioning plus LF recentering pin

  • Tie-bar straightener: to eliminate possible buckling due to machine process and/or contact winding

  • Strip cutting device: completely programmable, from continuous leadframe to cut at every cycle.

  • Program memory: 16GB USB Key store capability (internal), unlimited configurations through Ethernet link to company servers (external).


  • 110-240 volt/50-60 Hz - 600 Watt.

  • Air: clean filtered and dry air at 6 Bar (87 PSI).

Machine Dimensions: 1200 mm x 700 mm x 1170 mm (LxWxH) + Reel

Machine Weight: 150 Kg