i2ES 3120

i2ES 3120 is a pneumatic tool to cut DIL contacts on substrates after soldering operation has taken place.

Cutting Length is fixed and minimum dimension is determined by counter-cutter thickness. Cutting length can be increased by adding dedicated shims (to be ordered separately).

Contact cutting range: minimum is 6 mm* (from ceramic) - maximum is almost up to lead frame tie-bar.
Circuit dimension: ceramic / PCB width will determine counter
-cutter width (that has to be the same)
Strip dimension: maximum strip length is 4" (101,6 mm).

*) minimum contact length is specified by customer and suitable counter-knife is designed in order to fulfil requested dimension.

Tool Dimensions: 385 mm x 300 mm x 285 mm (LxWxH)

Tool Weight: 24 Kg