i2ES 4300

i2ES 4300 is a semi-automatic SMT style lead attach machine for insertion of lead frame onto ceramic substrates or PCB on up to four sides (two sides at a time).

Operator drops PCB or substrate into nest and pushes dual-control push button to start cycle. All additional function is carried out automatically.


The machine is very simple to use and operator has a minimum of mechanical adjustments. Thanks to a 16 character LCD and a 3 key keypad, machine operator has access to all manual function, automatic function and adjustments.

Format change takes no longer than 5 minutes. To achieve this it is sufficient to change three pieces, substrate holder and insertion pushers, to adjust new insertion depth and to adjust number of fed leads.


  • Reel Supports
  • Clip opening calibration unit
  • Insertion nest capable of holding different kind of substrate/PCB, with dedicated supports, from 16,51 mm to 101,6 mm (from 0.65" to 4.0") square and all intermediate dimensions (rectangular as well). Component height: top side limited by contact leg dimension, bottom side up to 25,4 mm (1.00"). A pneumatic micro cylinder assures zero reference of piece being inserted. Components minimum distance from corners: 2 mm (dedicated supports for DIL style substrates).
  • Rotating substrate holder for increased thoroughput (OPTION for square circuits)
  • Vacuum substrate holder, for large thin circuits (OPTION)
  • Pitch: 2,54 mm (0.100"), 1,27 mm (0.050") and 1,00 mm (0.040") standard
  • Video camera and Monitor for visual inspection and alignment


  • 110-240 volt/50-60 Hz - 35 Watt.
  • Air: clean filtered and dry air at 6 Bar (87 PSI).

Machine Dimensions: 1100 mm x 770 mm x 500 mm (LxWxH) + Reels

Machine Weight: 95 Kg